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Makita UC3530A Chainsaw review

Best Chainsaw reviews

Best Chainsaw Reviews. Chainsaws are not just for loggers in plaid shirts working endless amounts of forest deep in the tundra. A chainsaw can be used for trimming, cutting out brush, clearing brambles, cutting firewood, and yes cutting down trees. The tools come in hundreds of different options by many different companies.

Best Chainsaw come in different lengths, weights, sources of power, and speed. You need to consider why you need a chainsaw before you buy one. Many people have more than one chainsaw because their needs vary.

If you are travelling deep into an area to cut, a chainsaw with a cord would not be practical, however, it would be perfectly suited to cleaning up the backyard. If you plan on working with the saw for hours, consider how much abuse your arms and hands will take. Your tool will need a well-padded handle and less weight.

Top Rated Chainsaws:

  2. Makita UC3530A Commercial Grade 14-Inch 15 amp Electric Chain Saw
  3. OREGON 40 Volt MAX* CS250-E6 Chain Saw Kit with 2.4 Ah Battery Pack
  4. GreenWorks 20312 DigiPro G-MAX Cordless Chainsaw,
  5. Remington RM1015SPS Branch Wizard Pro 10-Inch 8 Amp 2-in-1 Electric Chain Saw/Pole Saw Combo
  6. Husqvarna 450 18-Inch 50.2cc X-Torq 2-Cycle Gas Powered Chain Saw With Smart Start (CARB Compliant)
  7. Black and Decker LCS120B 20-Volt Bare Max Lithium Ion Chain Saw, 8-Inch,Without Battery

Comparison of 10 Best Chainsaw:

In this blog, you can explore lots of chainsaw reviews and user guides. You can check them out in chainsaw reviews section. But to keep it simple, we have reviewed market’s 10 best chainsaw.

Chainsaw ModelCompanyFeaturesPriceUser Rating
Stihl MS170StihlEng. dis. 30.1 cc
Eng.Power: 1.3 KW
Weight: 8.6 lbs.
Bar Length: 16"
New: $259.884.9/5
Makita UC3530A MakitaPower source: Electric
Voltage: 24
Weight: 13.7 lb
Used: $191.69
WORX WG303.1WorxPower Source: corded-electric
Weight: 11 lb
Bar Length: 16″
New: $99.004.6/5
Oregon CS250-E6OregonPower Source: Electric
Voltage: 40 Volts
Weight: 10.5 lb
Bar Length: 14"
GreenWorks 20312 DigiPro GreenWorksPower Source: cordless-electric
Batteries Req: Y
Batteries Included: Y
Voltage: 40
Weight: 6.9 lb
Bar Length: 10″
New: $213.994.7/5
Remington RM1015SPSRemingtonPower source: Electric
Weight: 12 lb
Bar Length:10"
Husqvarna 450 18-InchHusqvarnaPower Source: Gas
Weight: 10.8 lb
Bar Length: 18"
Black and Decker LCS 120Black & DeckerPower Source: cordless-electric
Batteries Included: 20v Battery
Voltage: 20 V
Weight: 5.1 lb
Bar Length: 8″
New: $1194.1/5
Husqvarna 440EHusqvarnaPower Source: gas
Weight: 9.78 lb
Bar Length: 18″ Max
Poulan P4018WTPoulanPower Source: Gas
Weight: 21.5 lb
Bar Length: 18"
New: $1393.6/5


Top 10 Chainsaw Reviews:

Here are 5 short chainsaw reviews. Some of the most popular and well-respected manufacturers of chainsaws are: Makita, Husqvarna, Oregon, Poulan, and Remington. Keeping that in mind, we will look at one from each of those brands in this review.

Before you know it, you will the correct tool to cut two cords of wood, take down the dead oak tree in the back, and carry in the firewood for tonight’s fire!

Makita UC3530A:

Makita UC3530A Chainsaw review

Makita UC3530A Chainsaw reviews

  • Chain speed: 2,600 FPM
  • Chain Pitch: 3/8″
  • weight: 10.8 Pounds

The Makita is an electric chainsaw best suited for any work that will take place near a power outlet. There is a tool-less blade and chain adjustments feature, will equals no lost time digging around in your tool box for your adjustment tool. At 14 inches and 15 amp, this saw will not be good for the three foot wide diameter maple tree you need to fell, but perfect for those nasty branches that fell last winter.

The handle is rubberized for comfort, and designed to mold to your hands. This is a nice surprise if you expect to do work for several hours. There is a neat gadget called a current limiter that will prevent motor burnout by reducing your power when your saw is over-exerted.

This is a lightweight saw suited for a weekend warrior, but the offered extra perks make the device very user friendly. The clear window that allows the user to see the bar oil level, as well as the larger than usual trigger button, are two examples of easy to use benefits the saw offers. At just a bit over $ 200.00, this is a fine light load chainsaw manufactured by a well-respected company. It is one of the best chainsaw for the money.

Check Out The Makita UC3530A Commercial Grade 14-Inch 15 amp Electric Chain Saw on Amazon


WORX WG303.1 chainsaw:

WORX WG303.1 chainsaw review

WORX WG303.1 chainsaw review

  • Bar Length: 16″
  • Power: 14.5 Amps
  • Peak Power: 3.5 Hp
  • Chain Pitch: 3/8″
  • Oil Tank: 6.75 oz

It is essential that when one sets out to purchase an electric chainsaw, he does so after careful analysis and thorough research. There are so many things that need to be taken into consideration. One has to check the power of the equipment, whether it is easy to operate or not and most importantly what is the safety measure of it. Only after taking all this into consideration, should the final selection be made. WORX WG303.1 chainsaw is one electric saw that is not going to disappoint you in this aspect.

Exquisite in appearance, this electric chainsaw has a muscular body that would not threaten to damage your ears as you use it. This electric chain saw has an amazing attribute in terms of power and can be used to cut quite thick logs with ease. Usually when one uses saws, the noise can be deafening and irritating. That problem is not encountered with this electric chainsaw. When it comes to the use of chainsaw and that too an electric one it is significant that the safety standard is kept in mind. Luckily, WORX WG303.1 chainsaw does not disappoint. It is at least 20% more efficient in using power than other chainsaw in the market. It is spontaneous in response and has a quick stop safety brake. Easy to operate with no elaborate techniques, this chainsaw would prove to be perfect for all those who are looking for something that would not require you to be a professional.

Check out WORX WG303.1 16-Inch Chain Saw, on Amazon


GreenWorks 20312 DigiPro chainsaw:

A brief review of GreenWorks 20312 DigiPro chainsaw

A brief review of GreenWorks 20312 DigiPro chainsaw


  • Bar length: 16″
  • weight: 10.3 Ponds
  • Chain pitch: 3/8″
  • Oil system: Automatic

One always desires that the chainsaw he purchases delivers optimum performance in terms of power and is easy to handle at the same time. The purpose of acquiring a chainsaw is to ensure that you have equipment at hand which you can use to cut logs with ease and do not have to hire any outsider to do the job for you. Having an appropriate chainsaw certainly ensures that you have a yard that would never let you be bored.

GreenWorks 20312 DigiPro chainsaw is a powerful chainsaw that would ensure that you can cut thick pieces of logs without any difficulty. It is also very efficient, something which is evident by the fact that once you charge it completely, that would be quite sufficient to enable you to cut around 100 logs. Being cordless, it negates the need to be bound by the electric plug and you can carry it around without any inhibitions. It also offers the feature of lesser vibration that ensures that no hindrance or irritation incurs upon you as you use it. It has been made quite responsive so that safety is not an issue and there is a chain brake available for the same purpose. Easy to start and manually operate, this chainsaw is without any hassles which could distract you from that task at hand.

Check out GreenWorks 20312 DigiPro G-MAX 40V Li-Ion 16-Inch Cordless Chainsaw, on Amazon


Black and Decker LCS 120 chainsaw:

overview of Black and Decker LCS 120 chainsaw HD image

overview of Black and Decker LCS 120 battery operated chainsaw HD

  • Voltage: 20 V
  • Bar Length: 8 “
  • Weight: 5.1 ponds
  • Power Source: Lithium Ion Battery

One of the biggest obstacles that tends to irritate one when it comes to the use of chainsaws, it is the need to carry the electric plugs and cords around. This problem tends to bind one end and prevents the use for long distance areas. This problem can be eradicated with the use of Black and Decker LCS 120 chainsaw which is battery operated. Equipment that works on long lasting lithium battery, this chainsaw is certainly beneficial for those who are looking to get rid of the troublesome cords and extensions.

Another problem that is frequently encountered with chainsaws is that they tend to be too heavy and difficult to handle. This is another problem that has been dealt with in the Black and Decker LCS 120 chainsaw. The chainsaw is accommodated with a soft grip handle that makes it easier to handle it. No compromise has been made on power and the chainsaw can be used to cut logs as thick as 8 mm in diameter. There are no problems in the usage and maintenance of this chainsaw has it has been designed for everyone to use. No elaborate techniques need to come into play. Safety measures have been taken into accord and the chainsaw is found to be especially apt for pruning.

Check out Black and Decker LCS120B 20-Volt Bare Max Lithium Ion Chain Saw, on Amazon


EGO 56V Cordless chainsaw

EGO 56V Cordless chainsaw

EGO 56V Cordless Chainsaw:

  • Brushless motor
  • Speed: 6300 RPM’s
  • 24 in. Oregon bar and chain

A chainsaw that is meant to be of use at home for regular works need not be too bulky. You need something that would be sufficient for sue at home instead of purchasing something that professionals tend to use as the latter would be difficult to handle for you and would have the power capacity that you do not require. Thus for all the people who are looking for a chainsaw using which they can attain the simple tasks at home, EGO 56V Cordless Chainsaw is the perfect choice. One of the major advantages of this chainsaw is the fact that it is cordless which means you do not have to worry about extensions and electric plugs.

As this equipment has been designed for use at home, it has been ensured that it is easy to handle for all. The handle is easy to grip thereby ensuring better hold of the equipment and easy cutting.  It has also been designed in a way that keeps it balanced thereby ensuring better functioning and handling. The functioning chain brake is a huge advantage as it paves way for the much needed safety aspect. In addition to that the functioning brake also ensures that the saw cannot be activated when you do not want it to.


Husqvarna 450 Chainsaw:

Best Husqvarna 450 Chainsaw

Best Husqvarna 450 Chainsaw

  • Cylinder displacement: 50.2 cc
  • Power output: 3.2 hp
  • Maximum power speed: 9000 rpm
  • Fuel tank volume: 15.22 oz
  • Fuel consumption: 510 g/kWh
  • Idling speed: 2700 rpm

This handsome Husqvarna chainsaw can handle that huge maple tree that needs to be cut down. At 18 inches long and 50.2cc X-Torq cycle, this gas-powered chainsaw is for the medium to mid-high jobs. It is not too heavy at 10.8 pounds, but if you are not used to working for extended periods of time, pace yourself.If you do not pace yourself, your arms will let you know the next day! The good news is that on those lengthy jobs, the vibration will be minimal with the vibration dampening.

The 3.2 HP X-Torq engine will almost eliminate harmful and dangerous exhaust emission in addition to help with fuel efficiency. Emission levels are actually decreased by 60% and fuel consumption by 30%. The chainsaw is CARB compliant. There is an easy to use Smart Start feature and also a choke/stop control combo.

Some offered safety features on the 450 are an inertia activated chain brake as well as a snap-lock cover for the cylinder. With the Husqvarna name and stellar reputation comes a higher price, but for all you get with this chain saw, the 450 is still a steal at $359.00. All these  qualities make it one of the best chainsaw.

Check out Husqvarna 450 18-Inch 50.2cc X-Torq 2-Cycle Gas Powered Chain Saw on Amazon


Oregon CS250-E6

oregon cs250-e6  chainsaw

Oregon CS250-E6 battery powered chainsaw

  • Anti vibration Handle: Yes
  • Chain size: 14″
  • Max cut diameter: 26

If you are interested in a battery pack chain saw, this may be just the one for you. It is priced at 399.00. This battery charge can be held for months when you are not using it. It has the convenience of no cord and also no gas. This is a win-win situation because you are not tied to a certain area and have no mixing concerns. It is a smaller chain saw with a 14-inch bar length. The weight is at 10.5 pounds.

Other attractive features are no pull cords, no warm up time necessary, and a 2, 350 chain speed. The built-in chain sharpening system is a nice safety feature. You simply tug the PowerSharp pull for a few seconds with the saw engaged and the chain will sharpen like brand new. Other safety features are a low to no kickback and a control board with heat and overload protection capabilities. This is a saw for smaller jobs, and the diameter suggestion for tree limbs is any where from 2-10 inches maximum. The battery should give you a one-time use of about 200-250 limbs (smaller limbs) before a power loss. This small but efficient chain saw packs a punch with no mess or mixing.

Check out OREGON 40 Volt MAX* CS250-E6 Chain Saw on Amazon


Remington RM1015SPS

Remington PM1015P best chainsaw reviews

Remington RM1015SPS best chainsaw reviews

This is a pole chain saw. Pole chain saws have an extended arm so that you can reach high branches and twigs. It is called the Branch Wizard, and it is a wizard. The aluminium pole can be extended to an amazing ten extra feet. You can cut down the holiday mistletoe for the mantle with the Remington RM1015SPS pole chain saw.

If you have not used a pole saw before, start slowly at first. You are working with an extended pole that has a full saw on the end of it. If you feel muscle fatigue, stop immediately. You must be in full control of your arm and the chain saw.

It has an 8-amp engine. You can remove the saw and use it in regular fashion. You do not need tools to do this. However, this chain saw is not really intended to be a used as a regular saw would be used; the saw will simply give out on you. Think of having this saw to accompany your other chainsaw. This removability does enable the tool to be more versatile. It is ten inches long, so it is suited to much smaller jobs. It weighs 12 pounds and can be purchased for just below $100.00.

Check out Remington RM1015SPS Branch Wizard Pro 10-Inch 8 Amp 2-in-1 Electric Chain Saw/Pole Saw Combo on Amazon


Remington RM1415A Limb N Trim 14

Remington RM1415A Limb N Trim 14-Inch 8 Amp Electric Chainsaw

Remington RM1415A Limb N Trim 14:

If you are someone who is not that much into construction and woodwork and simply require a chainsaw for routine landscaping and emergency situations, you need a chainsaw that would be easy to handle and would do the trick for you with ease. In such situations, Remington RM1415A Limb N Trim 14 proves to be the perfect choice. They are especially designed for people who wish to have the equipment at hand simply for routine work and not to construct something elaborate. Because of this, it has been designed in a way that makes it easier to handle. You will find that it is not heavy weighted like most of the chainsaws tend to be. Instead it is of very light weight that makes it usage and handling easier for all. The power is quite sufficient to cut routine pieces of logs and you would have no reason to complain in this regard.

A huge advantage of this equipment is the fact that not a lot of effort has to be made to ensure that it continues to be in working condition. The Remington RM1415A Limb N Trim 14 is found to be fairly easier to maintain and would remain with you for a long time if you is and keep it appropriately and is unlikely to cause you a lot of headache and trouble.

Check out Remington RM1415A Limb N Trim 14-Inch 8 Amp Electric Chainsaw on Amazon


Poulan P4018WT Chainsaw:

Poulan P4018WT Chainaw reviews

Poulan P4018WT Chainsaw reviews

This saw is nicknamed Wild Thing for valid reasons. It is bigger at 18 inches, so the power and work functionality will be there for you as you cut up those logs for the wood stove. Be prepared, it is very heavy at just over 20 pounds. The good news is the handle is molded to fit your hand and padded very well.

It is advertised as quick and powerful. Make sure you need this much chain saw. It is gas powered at 40 cc, 2 cycles; so you can take this saw anywhere you want. Just remember, you have to carry it!

The only complaint I have ever heard is that after a season off, the Poulan can be hesitant to start. Make sure to clean it and put in new gasoline. The starts and stalls are quite temporary and will stop once you begin to cut up that snapped pine tree behind the barn.

Poulan has a long-standing reputation in the chainsaw business and for a good reason. Their products deliver. The P4018WT has a super clean air filter, a primer bulb for easy starts, an automatic oiler driven by a gear, and is CARB complaint.

 If you want to read more chainsaw reviews, please visit here.

Chainsaws: What to Look For?

It is great that you have decided to buy a best chainsaw. However, there are many things to consider when you are buying a chainsaw. After you have looked at your price range (and determined it) and your know the job designation for the chainsaw, then you can read about the different model’s bar length and engine displacement. Use this easy to understand guide for referring to bar length and engine displacement.

  • Bar Length-Bar length can range from six inches to more than twenty inches. The rule seems to be that the bigger the bar length, the heavier the chain saw and usually the bigger job the chain saw can handle. Additionally with larger saws, you have to consider your stamina and the safety concerns. Can you carry and use a large saw for an extended time, and if not, then you are a safety concern.
  • Engine Displacement-The term engine displacement is another way of saying power. A higher cubic inch number means more power. More power does equal more weight in a chain saw. Most best chainsaw for domestic use range from 1. 5 cubic inches to 3.8 cubic inches in power displacement.


Types of Chainsaws and Their Benefits:

There are several different types of saws. Your intended job should play a part in determining the saw you get. A recap of the types:

  • Electric-The electric chainsaw can be corded or not. There will be less smell, less emissions, less maintenance, and less general mess. These saws tend to be better suited to smaller jobs.
  • Gas-Gas chainsaw use a two-cycle engine. While the mobility and the power will be greater, you will need to deal with gasoline and oil mixes.
  • Pole Saw- A small saw with an extension used to reach high limbs.
  • Jaw or Enclosure Saw-An electric saw that could grab brush and bramble while you are cutting them.


Cut to the Chase Conclusion:

There is literally a chainsaw for every single occasion. Determine your cutting needs as well as your budget first and then pick a best chainsaw. Chainsaw can cost less than a hundred dollars to close to a thousand dollars. The price variance is large. Doing so, will limit the results you can consider. After that, look at the length you want, they can run from six inches to over twenty inches. The length will impact what jobs can and cannot be completed. Lastly, decide if you will be working in various areas, a certain area, or a combination of locations. That will determine what mode of power you choose.

You cannot go wrong with a Makita, Husqvarna, Oregon, Poulan, or Remington chainsaw. These are best chainsaw companies.

Happy shopping for your chainsaw needs!